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My name is Mark Fulton. I am a mobile software engineer, contractor and freelancer based in Melbourne, Australia. I am also a co-founder of FrontPocket.

I have a strong foundation in IT and a passion for software development. On a professional and non-professional basis I have followed software development for upward of 6 years increasing my knowledge. This has driven me to make many apps big and small in many different environments.

The main thing that I like is the challenge and the ability to create bespoke software solutions that are intuitive and easy to manage.

My expertise.

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Android Development

With five years experience, from designing to development. I have created native Android apps from big corprate’s like Samsung to startups.

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iOS Development

With two years experience, focusing on great user experiences and native development. From creating the next Facebook to the next ToDo app.  

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Website Development

With four years experience, I have helped create content managment systems for multiple apps that allow the app to be the best that it can be.

Topics that im writing and reading about.

Active Objects Example

Summary This Section Includes the Design Report for the active object. And includes the Comment report on the active object as well. This Section Includes the Active Object System Called MyATM. This Section includes the following Information. Screen Shots of the...

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Classic Concurrency Problems

Summary Concurrency in computer systems is a tricky subject. From deadlocks, to race conditions, making sure that your data is in a valid state gets harder the more you focus on having a concurrent system. These problems below show some of these concurrency issues and...

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Database: Hibernate

Goals: The goals are to: Design and develop a command line application to demonstrate interactivity with a database using Hibernate Be able to retrieve an object using Hibernate Be able to retrieve related objects (one-to-many collection mapping) Be able to insert...

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Effective Java – The Second Edition

Summary The Effective Java book is a must read for any developer that is using java as their language. Many tips can be gleamed from the book including new ways to make classes, best practices when overriding the equals method all the way down to obeying the contract...

Brands that I have worked with.

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