Android Development


Android smart phones is one of the most popular devices out in the world. At the current moment with control over more than 75% of the Smart phone market. With such a large amount of users with an Android phone there will always be new people searching for the best application to use to do a task. With such a large amount of users I keep up to date with the trends in the market and will help you develop an App to make sure it will be useful to everyone.

Material Design

Material design is the new look for the Apps that are made devices running this new OS. This was to introduce a Cleaner way of displaying information to the user as well as to modernise it for the phones. This turns it into more of an enjoyable experience for the user.

Device Support

Due to Android not having a full grip on the updating process for the phones there is a lot of different versions of android running on different devices across the world. Which means that if you want to get more exposure to the 75% of people using android devices, we will need to dial back the versions so the other devices can use it. Support for 4.4 and above is supported which means that over 80% of the 75% can download your apps.

Android Watch

Android has support for apps to appear on a watch like the Moto 360. The apps that I can make can appear on the watch’s to give users relevant information at the time that they need them. This can further personalise the app experience and be better for the user as they don’t need to whip out their phone, only look at their watch.


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