If you require any advice or want to talk about app ideas please drop me a line!

You can use the links provided in the footer below of every page in this website. or you can contact me directly here!

Can you take on jobs outside of Melbourne?

Yes! Drop me a line and we will be chatting via Skype. You will not know the difference as you will be given frequent updates on the progress made, whats left to do in the project, and any other items. You will also be given my phone number so you can get in contact with me at anytime.

I know my app idea, but dont know what to do from here.

Do not worry, no one knows all the ins and outs of their ideas when its a concept. I offer a workshop for these customers to fully realise their idea and take it from inception to a prototype with clearly defined functionality! Ask me about my workshops and your general idea and then we can arrange a meeting where we can go over your idea.

I have an app, but it needs to be updated

All good! all you need to provide is the source code and I can provide a quote on the fixes and the updates that are required.

My app idea is already in the market

It is annoying once you see your great app idea on the store before you. You can contact me on ways that you can morph and update your idea into a better and more usable product!

What work have you done before?

You can check my homepage and down the bottom of the page you can see my blog items as well as apps made. check it out here!

If you do not want to use the Contact form that’s fine! You can use the information below to see other ways of contacting me.


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