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Hermes is a simple messaging app that backs off firebase to give you the best experience. This app was made to showcase my skills and to show you how I code as this is open source

The structure of the project follows the MVP architecture and goes over all of the items within the Github Readme.

This app was designed with the user in mind firstly. As a messaging app requires the user to be able to get relevent information that they need right away and without UI blockers and without having to re-learn a new UI structure. This then improves on what the users expecting by adding visual polish and making the experience an overall delight

Sparq Maintainance

Sparq Maintainance is a simple phone app that gives you the ability to check if a power plant is being properly maintained. This allows constant updates to the Admins if the readings are out of the ordenary and allows users to then fill in maintanance forms to then fix these issues.

This then solves a purpose for the admins as well, This app allows the admins to collate all of the information being reported on the state of the powerplant and then can effectively report if a piece of eqiopment needs to be fixed, changed out, or expanded upon due to load

Snap It

AusPost’s SnapIt is a simple phone app that gives you the ability to help solve customer problems on the spot. It allows you to log customer enquiries, capture sales leads or report safety and damage concerns, all at the press of a button.
These enquiries are then placed in a priority queue for investigation or follow up.
Since launch AusPost have had more than 2700 people downloaded the app and we’ve already helped more than 600 customers resolve their queries. We’ve also made some improvements including a new help and support feature within the app and the ability to raise StarTrack related enquiries.

First class integration point between our workforce and the customer contact centre

Chris Koury


Brilliant. I could not live without it.

Tasman Bardella


Samsung+ Australia

Samsung+ Australia is a learning and reward tool designed specifically for the Australian Retail environment. This app gives you exclusive access to news, information and training on a range of product categories including smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Samsung+ allows you to track your progress, test your knowledge, see where you rank on the leaderboard and save your favourite content so you can keep track of handy-to-know information. With tips and tricks, how-to videos and the latest product information, this app aims to give you all the tools and information you need to talk about all things Samsung.

Clean, well presented and easy to use. Great platform to share the features and benefits of Samsung!

Aditya Sudarshan


Couldn’t be easier to use – also a really good pocket guide for all of the products on offer

Julian Pinget



CheckaLoad is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets which can assist organisations and individual users to understand their obligations in relation to load restraint compliance and safety in the Transport, Logistics and Manufacturing industries.

The objective of CheckaLoad is to bring greater consistency to load restraint compliance throughout the chain of responsibility including drivers, loaders and consignors as well as assisting law enforcement officers and inspectors to maintain compliance.

Mr Tradie

MrTradie is a app that allows users to easily find freelancers or businesses that specalise in trades around the whole spetrum. This includes roof tilers, plumbers, painters and many more.

The objective of this app was to replace the phone book of businesses that you have to look up when somthing goes wrong. Being able to see visually how people fix things and being able to see the rating of the tradie to make sure that they do an excellent job.

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