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AusPost’s SnapIt is a simple phone app that gives you the ability to help solve customer problems on the spot. It allows you to log customer enquiries, capture sales leads or report safety and damage concerns, all at the press of a button.

These enquiries are then placed in a priority queue for investigation or follow up.

Since launch AusPost have had more than 2700 people downloaded the app and we’ve already helped more than 600 customers resolve their queries. We’ve also made some improvements including a new help and support feature within the app and the ability to raise StarTrack related enquiries.

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Award for Innovation in Business Information Apps

The Challenge: 

To Create an app that allows AusPost to communicate with their staff and customers to solve their issues.

This app should be scalable and be able to recieve multiple requests so the public knows that AusPost will work on it as soon as they can.

While also keeping in mind: 

AusPost are a the top player in mail, and postages, the app needs to be the best quality to show that they give their all for their products.

This app also needs to be easily managed on the backend. Allowing them to easily act on faults and inquries from their won customers.

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Enquiry Details

The Solution

The world’s most advanced support app made specifically for Auspost and their companies.SnapIt allows users to submit any problem there is about their products and then this allows AusPost to get the problem fixed quickly.

The main innovation happens from outside the app. This allows AusPost representatives and customers to report their problems using SnapIt as they come up and then allows them to fix their issues. This allows the customers to have a seamless and better experience on getting their problems fixed.

This app allows you to submit problems on Android ands iOS phones.


AusPost Australia




iOS, Android

Service and Support

Offer 24 hour support to your customers.


Multiple ways of support

Allow customers to pick and choose their problem and then allow them to easily fill out the required information.

User managment

Easily manage who in your company has access to the app.


App available for use offline for sending when they do have a connection.

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