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CheckaLoad is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets which can assist organisations and individual users to understand their obligations in relation to load restraint compliance and safety in the Transport, Logistics and Manufacturing industries.

The objective of CheckaLoad is to bring greater consistency to load restraint compliance throughout the chain of responsibility including drivers, loaders and consignors as well as assisting law enforcement officers and inspectors to maintain compliance.


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The Challenge: 

To Create an app that allows the core functionality to revolve around one thing and one thing only, scalability.

Release a Government complying app within a year that allows companys to have peace of mind of where their data is being kept and saved

While also keeping in mind: 

Load restraint failures are responsible for an average of five fatal accidents each year. Checkaload needs to be precision perfect so that users know when they are putting lives to risk. This app needs to be right 100% of the time, all the time.

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The Solution

The world first compliance app that allows you to without consulting a 300 page book, check if trucks and other vehicles are carrying around items within it safely and to industry and engineering standards.

This included turning the industry standards into a set of calculations for the app to give you a score against. This allows the users to make sure that their load is covered fo anything to happen. When this app gives you 100%, even if you need to stop on the dime in traffic, the load is not going to move a centermetre.

This app allows you to figure this out on iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet.


Engistics, Telstra




iOS, Android


App available for use offline.


When online, app uploads all assessments done.


Fail remediation

When you fail the app tries to help you pass the next time.

User managment

Easily manage who in your company has access to the app.

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