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Hermes is a simple messaging app that backs off firebase to give you the best experience. This app was made to showcase my skills and to show you how I code as this is open sourse

The structure of the project follows the MVP architecture and goes over all of the items within the Github Readme.

This app was designed with the user in mind firstly. As a messaging app requires the user to be able to get relevent information that they need right away and without UI blockers and without having to re-learn a new UI structure. This then improves on what the users expecting by adding visual polish and making the experience an overall delight.

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The Challenge: 

To Create an app that allows users to communicate with other users seamlessly and use the best method depending on the customers needs at the time

This app should be scalable and be able to recieve multiple requests there can be many people using the app, and theres no visable slowdown of the service.

While also keeping in mind: 

Messaging apps have already been done. This can be seen by the many messaging apps within the play store.

This app needs to shine in the way the other apps do not. With UI florishes and general experience when using the app the users will be happy to recieve a text rather than annoyed.

Hermes Login Screen

Hermes Chat Screen

Hermes Chat Messages

The Solution

One of the best messaging apps for the architecture that has been put into the designing of the solution internally and externally.

The main innovation happens inside the app. Withina app update. this app will support Internet and SMS intergration seamlessly with the sustem being able to pick the best one for you. Rather than you having to see a message fail and try again with the other type.

This app allows you to message anyone on Android and soon iOS phones.






Android. (iOS soon)

Active Support

If you have a problem with the app, contact myself on the link below and get in touch.


Multiple chatrooms and people

Allow customers to message anyone and everyone. If the other user doesnt have the app no matter!

User managment

Easily manage your login details to then get the best experience out of this app.


App available for use offline for sending when they do have a connection.

Website backend: Powered by Firebase

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Download FrontPockets Hermes app

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