Location Finder

Trying to find a Coffee shop near you? Or trying to find an ATM where you are going to be? Location Finder allows you to search for locations around you using Foursquare!

Key Features:

  • Find places close to you or in a particular area,
  • Places will have the ability to show walking time and then give directions to the place.
  • Store your favourite places for future searches.
  • Save a history of places opened.

Powered by Foursquare.

Location Finder App Logo

The Challenge:


While also keeping in mind:


Home Screen

Map Screen

List Screen

Places Available

Details Screen

The Solution

Location Finder aims to look after the quick “Where is this shop” or “Where’s a Cafe” questions. For this Foursquare was used for an API for this app. Foursquare was chosen for the responsiveness and quality of data that comes from the servers. As this is also focused on user input and managment, this can update day to day as new places are founded and found by people.

For the longtime users, this app also saves a list of the places you have looked up and the favourites that you have selected. This allows users that have found unique places to remember what the place was and how to get there.








App available for use offline for favourites.


User interaction

New places added daily, new reviews added as soon as there made.

Map view

Easily see all the places available to you via a nice to see map.

Favourites and History

Easily see what you have looked up so you dont forget later.

Website backend: Powered by Foursquare

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