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Are you renovating or need something fixed FAST? Mr Tradie is here to help. We connect you with the right people no matter where you are. No job is too big or small. You name it, Mr Tradie has it.

Get FREE quotes from your local tradies quickly and easily through the Mr Tradie app. Simply download the app and register. Take a picture of what you need done and we’ll send the right person to you.

  • QUICK: Mr Tradie finds the closest tradies to you.
  • EASY: Send a picture of what you need done.
  • RELIABLE: Compare tradies through their feedback score.
  • FREE: Mr Tradie WON’T charge you to find tradies.
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The Challenge: 

To Create an app allows their customers to create a social experience in goods and services Allowing the customers to get the best prices and also allowing the tradies to get good jobs.

Easily see through all of the tradies, post up your work that you need tone around the house and then get quotes from the tradies that come in.

While also keeping in mind: 

User experience is everything. Making sure that every part of this app is smoothness and seamless is apart of the experience.

Soon as the app interferes with the flow, the process is worth nothing. As the temptation of using the app fades.

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The Solution

Mr Tradie fully allows users to easily show what is wrong or what to fix in their house. The user experience from this end is good, allowing the customers to know what to do and what to provide so the tradies can know what needs work on.

From the tradies perspective, they are able to advertise their experience to the customers and have their name beat the rest. Being able to quote on customers needs and show the main price-point in one and easy go will allow tradies to cut the waiting time down.







Right from the Phone

Easy quoting and posting jobs right from your phone.

Facebook Integration

See who of your friends uses MrTradie, if they are a tradie or are posting jobs to do.

Business Comments

Did a company do a great job? Let everyone know so they can trust them.

Ad Managment

Business’s can advertise their main business for others to see.

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