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Mytern is an extremely powerful app that teaches you how to take control of your response to everyday stresses and challenges, improving your mental, emotional and physical health.  This app is suitable for ages 3 and up, can be easily introduced, and has the potential to transform you, your school, the home and the workplace, through creating a common language.

This app allows you to follow two main roads to ease you through your day.


The Challenge: 

To create an app that doesnt function like normal apps, that allows users to get messages and help them get through their days with inspiring messages and general tips to allow the customers to de-stress.

While also making sure that there is enough customisation to the app to keep people interested, engaged and happy.

While also keeping in mind: 

This app was designed to help people that are struggling day to day for stress. This app needs to be designed and customised for the user preferences and unique style. Otherwise the app will not help but hinder them on their road to feeling better.

In App Screens

In App Screens

The Solution

The Mytern app allows user to pick and choose a path to feeling better. This is done in the app with the two main paths. With this path they can experience the app to their own liking. only turning on the path that speaks to them and helps them throughout the day. This app also helps the people pick this path just in case they are not 100% sure.

This app is available on iPhone, and Android.







Message managment

Easily add messages to be downloaded to devices using in app purchaces.


Allows for in app purchaces to unlock more messages.


Allows for a Fun style and a Classic style, Plus all the roads that you can go on.


App messages available for use offline.

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