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Samsung+ is a learning and reward tool designed specifically for the Australian Retail environment. This app gives you exclusive access to news, information and training on a range of product categories including smartphones, tablets and wearables.


Samsung+ allows you to track your progress, test your knowledge, see where you rank on the leaderboard and save your favourite content so you can keep track of handy-to-know information. With tips and tricks, how-to videos and the latest product information, this app aims to give you all the tools and information you need to talk about all things Samsung.

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The Challenge: 

To Create an app that allows Samsung to communicate with their staff and to create an ecosystem for learning about their products.

This app should be scalable and be easily editable from the website backend and to be scalable for the Australia’s userbase of Samsung products.

While also keeping in mind: 

Samsung are a top player within the mobile business, the app needs to be the best quality to show that they give their all for their products.

This app also needs to be easily managed on the backend. Allowing them to have pinpoint precision on how the information is displayed on devices.

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The Solution

The world’s most advanced learning app made specifically for their products. This app allows users to learn everything there is about their products and allows the users to then be tested on their newly gained knowledge.

The main innovation happends from the CMS backend of the app. When dealing with apps that show content the CMS needs to hope that the app adapts well with the layout. This app allows the Admins to specifically show what they want where they want and in what order. allowing Samsung to take less time worrying about layout and more time creating content.

This app allows you to learn out on Android phones.


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Training and Videos

Take tests on popular phones and products from samsung to learn more about them.


When online, app updates all content downloaded.

User managment

Easily manage who in your company has access to the app.


App available for use offline for content.

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