Sparq Maintainance is a simple phone app that gives you the ability to check if a power plant is being properly maintained. This allows constant updates to the managers if the readings are out of the ordenary and allows users to then fill in maintanance forms to then fix these issues.

This then solves a purpose for the admins as well, This app allows the admins to collate all of the information being reported on the state of the powerplant and then can effectively report if a piece of eqiopment needs to be fixed, changed out, or expanded upon due to load.

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The Challenge: 

To Create an app that allows Sparq to collate a previously manual entry task into an easy to use app.

This app should be scalable to other power plants and be able to recieve multiple reports per day to make sure there are no problems with the powerplant.

While also keeping in mind: 


Once that there is a problem with the power plant. The reporters will need a way to schedule fixes in tor the piece of equipment being looked at.
This app need to be able to easily report on the things that are broken and give the fixers a simple step process to apply the fix, and inform the admins that it is fixed.

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The Solution

The world’s most advanced support app made specifically for Sparq and Ergon Energy. Sparq Maintainance allows users to submit any checklist and their notes to the backend system.  All the while being useful for the backend users with reporting.

The main innovation happens from outside the app. This allows Sparq representatives and customers to report their problems using the app as they come up per day and then allows them to fix their issues. This allows the customers to have a seamless and better experience on getting their problems fixed.

This app allows you to submit problems on iOS phones.


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Service and Support

Offer support for Power Stations


Checklist based Functionality

Go to, go back and start another line of questions when you want to, once its all done you can submit it.

User managment

Easily manage who in your company has access to the app.


App available for use offline for sending when they do have a connection.

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