Effective Java – The Second Edition

by | Sep 24, 2017 | Reading


The Effective Java book is a must read for any developer that is using java as their language. Many tips can be gleamed from the book including new ways to make classes, best practices when overriding the equals method all the way down to obeying the contract to override the quals method. 

These tips are great for a person that is familiar with the language as some topics within this book are advanced.

Knowing this, this is a read once, learn, and then read again type of book. As learning everything in one go is not possible.  


Take for instance this builder pattern below.  


Builder Pattern Code Snippit


This pattern is good for beginners / intermediate coders, as the code can easily be relatable to what you know.  

Go get the book to see more examples! Its worth the investment in yourself


- Mark Fulton