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Websites are one of the first areas people check for information on a Company, people, or a product. Customers want a great experience when using your site. A Bad user experience or a bad image can be put  down a website no matter what you are selling. Sites that I make will be inviting for all users and can be tailored for your means.
Responsive design websites

Responsive design

Websites can be automated for displaying on mobile devices as well as tablets and can dynamically move to accommodate the web screen. This leads to huge improvements to customer satisfaction as if they were looking at your site on their mobile.

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing isn’t the only way to get users to your website. Once a site is made and available for users to start using it you will need to optimize it for the website to appear in the top of the Search results to get the most traffic going to it. This can be done on a website developed by me.
Search Engine Optimization websites
Web browser Coverage

Web browser Coverage

Browser coverage means that when you visit the same page on different browsers it will look the same, no matter which one you open the page on. The main browsers are supported by myself and the sites made will all look the same on these browsers. If you require the website to look a perfect on a site please let me know!


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